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  • More than 20 varieties of ants invade homes throughout the United States during the warm months of the year. Worldwide, there are more than 12,000 species, but only a small number cause problems. 
  • Destructive ants include fire and carpenter ants. Others ant types include the honey, Pharaoh, house, Argentine, and the thief ant. 
  • All ants share one trait: They’re unsightly and contaminate food. 
  • Ants range in color from red to black. 
  • Fire ants are vicious, unrelenting predators with a powerful, painful sting. v
  • At least 32 deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to severe allergic reactions to fire ant stings. 
  • Millions of dollars are spent each year eradicating fire ants alone. 
  • Carpenter ants range in size from one-quarter inch for a worker ant to up to three-quarters inch for a queen. 
  • A carpenter ant colony can have a long life span. Each colony is founded by a single fertilized queen that establishes a nesting site in a cavity in wood. 
  • A carpenter ant colony does not reach maturity until it contains 2,000 or more workers, which can take three to six years. 


Pavement Ants Tetramorium caespitum 

Dark brown to blackish
Segmented; oval


These ants will eat almost anything, including insects, seeds, honeydew, honey, bread, meats, nuts and cheese.

These ants live in or under pavement cracks.

These ants do not pose a public health risk, but they can contaminate food and should be avoided.

If you have ants other then Pavement ants call us

Eliminate standing water. Pests, such as ants, are attracted to moisture. Keep tree branches and other plants cut back from the house. Sometimes pests use these branches to get into your home.* Make sure that there are no cracks or little openings around your house. Sometimes pests use these to get into your home. Make sure that firewood and building materials are not stored next to your home. Pests like to build nests in stacks of wood.


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