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Note: For Customers with Bed Bugs:

These pest require detailed communication between you and the exterminator. Todays bed bugs are resistant to common treatments. That means when choosing your exterminator partner, to battle theses pest, you choose someone that truly knows what they are doing.

We use tracking and trapping methods to guarantee results that you can visually see, confirm and verify our success.
Just spraying is just not enough.
One visit is just not enough.
Inspection by a qualified pest professional is mandatory, and where nesessary the utilizing of Bed Bug Scent Detection Retrieving Dogs are available.
Thorough, complete and proper preparation are critical. We have professional cleaning and preparation assistance available when needed.
Treatment remedies must be proven to work and must be NYS DEC and EPA approved.

Combinations of green products with traditional treatments, along with dry heat, steam and alternate treatments all play a part to eliminate bed bugs.

You also want to ask, especially with bed bugs, for the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets for every product being applied in you home. No sheets, do not let them work for you. You have a right to know what is being used in your home.


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